5 Reasons Why E-Readers Will Never Kill Books

Thought Catalog

It’s a sunny day. A gentle summer breeze rustles through the leaves hanging high and green on the tall trees. The pleasant sound of happy families drifts through the park. You’re sitting back against a tree, sipping iced coffee, enjoying the stillness, without a care in the world. In that shaded, restful state, you’re holding a book, one you’ve read a dozen times.

That book is perfectly balanced in your hand, the spine flexible from years of use. The pages are well-worn, some ear-marked and underlined where you once grew to love each quotable sentence. The paper fiber and ink smell just as all good books do. The book is familiar. It’s been faithfully sitting on your shelf at home, carried on scores of flights, read on a handful of beaches, and it’s never let you down. That book, the bound ink and paper, means something to you. It’s your…

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