6 Steps To Getting The Perfect Job

Thought Catalog

1. Be yourself.

You’ve probably read a lot of advice to clean up your act on social media so that potential employers don’t find pictures of the time you got topless and chugged beers with those Marines in Mexico. Okay, those should get deleted, because ew, that’s just trashy, you’re better than that, and plus, your mom recently started Facebooking. You’re never gonna be her little princess again if she gets wind of those. But, in a perfect job – not just any job, but the one that’s perfect for y-o-u, your boss-to-be would read your Tweets and know that you’re the right match for the position. He’ll love that song you’re listening to on Spotify. He’ll appreciate your sarcasm. He’ll be totally down with the Instagram of the ham sammy you ate for lunch. The Valencia filter is his fave, too.

Don’t water your personality down online if you want…

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