What Young Love Really Looks Like

Okay. So, on a lighter note, I would like to just say that I’ve just realized that I was one of those girls who “fell in love” when I was 14.

Goddamnit. Seriously.

My significant other and I met when we were 14 and we got together when I was 16. We’re still dating now and it’s been 3 years and 6 months.

I know it doesn’t matter at all that that happened at that age and because we’re still together now.. But am I a hypocrite for denouncing girls in “love” at that age? I’ve been doing that, since I was in high school, to younger girls. When I was in high school – to all the kids that “got together” in elementary and up to their first year of high school – I’d tell them that what they had would be temporary and fleeting and that investing so much on something when they are that young is just weird.

I mean, how can they really know what they want in their “love” when they can’t even decide on most things without the consent of their parents? How can they think that they’ll be together with their “significant other” and get married and have kids when they haven’t even decided what their future careers will be?

At that age, when I got together with my current boyfriend, I would never think of getting married to him; let alone be with him for a very long time. Or think of having kids WITH anyone. In fact, I only got invested emotionally rather than physically. Our intimacy was intellectual. We were satisfied with being together at that moment in time. I have never planned for a wedding ceremony for myself.

How can you decide that someone is “perfect” or “right” for you at an age when you’re supposed to be sucking up knowledge for the real world, and not sucking dick?

I’m sorry but even if I’ve come off as a hypocrite for being “in love” at that age and getting into a relationship so early in life, I think that I really have to reject the thought of youngsters getting into a relationship and thinking such things so permanently when they have no idea how weird it is that they know better how to have sex than how to apply what they’ve learned in chemistry to real life.

And now I feel so old again.


About Setoshino

I'm not as clever as I think I am.
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