18 Ways To Be Awkward

Thought Catalog

You can’t just become awkward overnight. It takes copious hours spent alone to really hone this skill. Hours spent mulling over inconsequential conversations and affairs, over thinking, and overanalyzing. It also takes a proficiency in gracelessness, but also just a knack for being habitually unlucky. You know, the type who falls on the subway and instinctively clutches onto the woman’s breast next to her for stability. A pervasive air of discomfort is what you’re aiming for. Not just for you, but for everyone around you.

1. Invite strange man over; get high

One thing that will definitely speed things along for you is smoking weed. Start off by inviting some guy over who you hardly know–make it unclear whether you intend on keeping your friendship platonic, just to add a touch of tension (and ambiguity, which is encouraged in these situations). Then, when he arrives, twist one up and plunge…

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