21 Reasons You Should Fall In Love This Autumn

Thought Catalog

1. With the temperate whether, your wardrobe options increase by approximately two million percent. I know that’s not a real percent, but Autumn is magic. It rewrites the rules of love and of math.

2. All of the good movies comes out between September and December, so you always have a great movie out for that first date. I highly recommend Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron’s forthcoming nailbiter, already hailed as a masterpiece.

3. If you don’t want to deal with your family on Thanksgiving, especially after your mother has had one too many Peach Snapps, the holidays get a lot more bearable when you bring a hostage.

4. Apartment complexes often don’t kick on the heat until late October or early November, leaving you with a very drafty month of blankets and Snuggies. You can invest in a space heater or find someone warm curl up with.

5. A great…

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