The 5 Moves I Learned In College

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Everyone who goes to college develops some signature moves that they work into regular life. For me, I can think of about 5 of them; some to get big men out of my face… others to get girls to suck on my face.  Anywho, here are the moves I learned in college.

1. The Sleeping Couple

So you’re trying to fall asleep with your girlfriend and she wants to cuddle. Everyone has been there. There’s not a lot you can do, but there are a couple options.

One. Tell her to get on her side of the bed. Very harsh, but the easiest way to comfortability. However, this one is high risk, and you could end up on the couch or curb if she gets testy… So I suggest the following.

Two. Suck it up and comfort your woman. She wants you to cuddle, so your most important move here…

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