10 ‘Soap Opera’ Stages Of Men Watching Football

Thought Catalog

Come on guys… Let it all out…

1. Excitement:

The game is on. The food is cooking. Everyone in the room is gathered around the TV that was purchased specifically for this moment regardless of any wife’s love of the Kardashians. The men in the room have been waiting for this moment all week, teasing each other about the players and which team will win. Their fantasy teams are on the line, their pride, and money they’ve bet on their team.

2. Rage:

HE DROPPED THE BALL! HOW COULD HE DROP THE BALL!?!?!? The referee called that ridiculous play and now they’re getting pushed back ten yards, and this is worse than that time the men were shot down for prom and now his friend rooting for the other team is acting like a douche. UGH. RAGE.

3. Frustration:

The men in the room have been keeping their frustration pent…

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