11 Simple Rules You Should Follow To Be The Best Roommate On The Planet

Thought Catalog

So you are about to move in with some new roommates. The three of you are best friends and you have been hanging out all the time! However, you’ve never lived together and you’re about to move in.

Get ready, because even the best of friends can turn into the devil’s spawn when you share close quarters. Here are some general guidelines that you should follow!

1. Everyone loves a long and warm shower. But timing is everything. No, you shouldn’t stand under the water for every drop of hot water at 8:30 on a weekday. There are others in the house. Take that long shower on a drizzly Saturday morning instead!

2. If you use the last of a toilet paper roll, refill it. The next time your roomie sits down and goes to wipe their keister after a full-splatter explosion that was a Chipotle burrito the night before…

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