The 9 Types Of People You’ll Meet At A Mid-20’s Party

Thought Catalog

1. The Married/Engaged Couple

The “first people you really know” to get married, the couple will be greeted to great fanfare, as the party is probably being held at the very apartment one of them used to live in.

All in all, the MC or EC will find the party more grueling than keeping up the facade of “loving” little-known bands at music festivals. Between answering wedding questions for the zillionth time, enduring jabs from their insecure and jealous friends, and maintaining that same 65% smile for three consecutive hours, they’ll slowly begin to realize why married couples in their mid-late 20’s retreat into their one bedroom closet and never leave. Best wait till a few other friends make the matrimonial plunge. Being the de facto center of social attention is exhausting.

Best Bet: Perpetually trying to capitalize on a good “out” to remove themselves from the current conversation.


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