35 Things Your Boyfriend Isn’t Telling You

Thought Catalog

1. He’ll never actually grow out that ridiculous facial hair, out of fear of repercussion.

2. He secretly loves all the abbrevs that you use, and has been slowly testing them out with his dude friends.

3. He actually really loved that chick flick.

4. He didn’t think of that awesome date idea all by himself. Totes stolen.

5. He hasn’t stopped talking to that person he was supposed to stop talking to.

6. He’ll never go against your opinion of what dress you think is a better fit.

7. …but he really hates it when you wear your hair that way.

8. He freaks out just as much as you when you don’t answer his texts.

9. He doesn’t care if you go out with your girls 3 nights in a row. As long as you don’t drag him along.

10. He doesn’t like your friends close to as…

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