5 Friends You Don’t Want To Be

Thought Catalog

The One-Upper

Lets be serious; is there anything worse? They disguise themselves as friends when really in their mind everything is one big contest that they must, MUST win. In school it’s better grades, more friends, saying things like “WHAT NOW BITCH?” (when you are both seven years old and they beat you in the race to the water fountain). These are red flags for people who will grow up to become friends that NEED to have a bigger house than you, get paid more money, etc. etc. etc.  No friendship based on competition is ever a true friendship. Ideally people should revel in their friends successes not be plotting ways to achieve more than them.

The Relationship Gloater

Yes, I know cynical Ashley, but seriously. I’ve been in long relationships basically since senior prom, I just don’t see the dire need to display things on the regular. If you are…

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