Red Flags Vs. Deal Breakers

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Not long ago, I spent a year in the sort of “on paper it’s perfect” relationship desperate screen-writers are always on about — except, and here’s the thing, she just didn’t find Monty Python “clever or funny at all.” We watched it together and every time someone smacked a cat against a wall I laughed and looked expectantly at her, to no avail.

Those of us who ventured into the dating pool too early — I felt so many feelings when I was 14! — remember how it feels to be dumped for a very stupid reason; in fact, there were exclusively stupid reasons to be had at that age, because 14-year olds have no idea what they’re doing or looking for and crave novelty as much as anything else. (In that sense, they’re very much like smaller 20-year olds.) It makes you wonder if you were told the real…

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