8 Things Everyone Should Know About Pop Culture

Thought Catalog

1. What Goes Up Must Come Down

Pop culture includes a whole lot of different kinds of media: books, music (both indie and popular music), art, street art, magazines, zines, fashion, comics, memes, viral videos and other digital technologies. The thing about pop culture is that it’s usually pitched against the snobbery of so-called high culture. People think that if you’re too plugged into “pop culture” then you’re really not all that smart, you’re not “serious.” High culture is supposed to be the space for earth shattering creative brilliance and artistic genius. If you don’t have anything fabulous to say about Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in D minor, then clearly you’re an idiot. The truth is that a lot of the things we valorize today as “high culture” actually started off as popular culture. Like Shakespeare.

2. Pop Culture Is Immediate

Not only does pop culture move very quickly, as in…

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