10 Completely Legal Drugs That Could Really Trash Your Life

Thought Catalog

If you’re like millions of other Americans, including myself, you may have been prescribed either an anti-depressant or other drug to help with insomnia or anxiety, even smoking cessation, at some point. What is not commonly reported, however, is that taking many of these drugs has also been positively correlated with higher levels of violence. While correlation certainly is not causation it is a clue, a hint, that there truly could be more going on here than is commonly understood particularly in regards to Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Below are the top ten drugs associated with violent actions.

Of them, I have only taken one, Chantix. It is not an SSRI. I took it for two weeks and by the end of the third week my temper was truly almost completely uncontrollable. I vividly recall nearly getting in a fight in my office with someone that I very…

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