10 Things Girls Do To Be Sexy Which Are Completely Unattractive

Thought Catalog

1. “Sexy pose” selfies.

It’s just so awkward. We imagine you in some incredibly contrived stance, snapping photo after photo of yourself until you get the one that is the perfect blend of “casual” and “sexual.” Like, who just sits in their room by themselves and bites their lip for their computer camera? Is that something that is meant to excite another human being? Your selfies are more than attractive without turning the sexuality aspect up to 11 — that just looks silly more than anything.

2. Fake tans.

Just because some people look nice with a little natural sun-kissed glow does not meant that you should shell out hundreds of dollars in beds or bottles of lotion in order to poorly imitate their skin tone. Fake tans look, well, fake, and there is nothing more unattractive than someone who is clearly trying incredibly hard to be something they’re not…

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