10 Unreasonable Things I Judge Men For

Thought Catalog

1. Your Shoes

The first place I look upon seeing a cute guy (after his face of course) is down at his feet. If you’re wearing flip-flops and aren’t from a tropical country and/or standing on a beach, please stop hitting on me. If you’re wearing checkered vans, you better have a skateboard waiting around the corner somewhere. If you’re wearing something that could be mistaken as orthopedic footwear, let’s pretend this interaction never even happened.

2. Your Coffee Order

During my two years as a Starbucks barista I met quite a few attractive men. However, many of these men lost their appeal after I realized that the Grande white mocha with extra whip cream they ordered was not to appease their boss, but was actually their daily order. Since these 20 something’s hadn’t quite gained the freshman 15 back in their college days, they slowly but steadily work towards…

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