12 Types Of Emails We Find In Our Draft Folder

Thought Catalog

Gmail saves everything. Thank you, Gmail.

So, whenever I start to give in to the itch and the urge to miss my ex-boyfriend, I can just type his name in the Gmail search bar and see just exactly how our relationship unfolded. Threads of “I want to break up with you” emails will resurface — and to put a cherry on top of disaster, a play-by-play of our final words thanks to saved Gchat conversations. Woohoo!

Gmail also kindly saves our incomplete thoughts in its lovely draft folder. Like these types of emails, we throw up so quickly and forget to (or, never have the courage to) send.

1. To-Do Lists

  • What to pick up at your next trip to CVS
  • The things you need to complete before you can waste away the rest of your Sunday afternoon watching House of Cards on Netflix

2. Heat of the moment responses…

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