15 Little Things That Totally Rock About Being Bald

Thought Catalog

1. You save money on haircuts and shampoo.

When your hairline is receding, you’ll visit the barber more frequently than you would like to keep that “swiss cheese-like” hairline in check, which is unsurprisingly expensive. In addition to helping out your wallet, you also get the benefit of a) not having to discern that the difference is between 100 nearly identical bottles of shampoo and b) cutting your own hair at home. That electric razor will become the best friend you’ve ever had.

2. You don’t have to do your hair when you wake up in the morning.

Girls aren’t the only ones who obsess about getting their hair perfect. Guys primp, too, because it takes a lot of work to look like you’re not trying. When you’re bald, you get to look like you’re not trying naturally.

3. You look older.

I can’t remember the last time I was…

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