23 Flattering Words That Boys Use And How To Interpret Them

Thought Catalog

1. Hot – “You have nice boobs. I would like to see your tan lines.”

2. Smart – “I am intimidated by you. Talk about baseball now.”

3. Gorgeous – “You have a hella body and a pretty ok face too.”

4. Funny – “Stop being weird.”

5. Beautiful – “You are essentially perfect in every way. This is the highest level of physical attraction flattery I can possibly bestow on a woman and you deserve it, my queen.” (Author note: rare.)

6. Sweet – “I really appreciate you sending me that Buzzfeed link of Honey Boo-Boo outtakes. Let’s just be friends.”

7. Sexy – “I am currently imagining you in a dog collar.”

8. Fun – “I really like getting drunk/high and watching Fight Club with you.”

9. Cute – “I know you like them but please stop wearing rompers every time we hang out.”

10. Wild – “Did…

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