23 Soul-Crushing Truths About Being 23

Thought Catalog

1. Life has suddenly turned into a race to out-achieve your peers–from everything to doing cool trendy activities on the weekends, to starting a 401K.

2. At least one major cultural trend went by without you having the slightest idea what it was.

3. You spend a good deal of time laughing at the horrifying reality that someone you know is responsible for molding the minds of a classroom of children.

4. You’re not sure what’s more difficult; thinking about doing your own taxes, or making a new “adult friend.”

5. You’re old enough to know everything, but too young to actually know anything.

6. Upon running into people you’re attracted to, you’ve begun to check for a wedding ring. The first few times you did this, a little part of you died inside.

7. You’re beginning to realize that “biding your time” for your crush to come around might…

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