25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Sex Questions People Actually Had To Ask On Yahoo! Answers

Thought Catalog

1. Brain damage, apparently

2. Asking for a friend?

3. 37%

4. Literally, wtf

5. Your abstinence only education is showing

6. Ouch?

7. Try hard and believe in yourself

8. “Will it make it to her stomach…”

9. Why won’t anyone tell me?

10. Your social influences suck

11. Never hurts to ask

12. No, it’s not

13. Sounds like you’re in quite a… pickle

14. On the flip side

15. Awkward…

16. Seems reasonsable

17. In dog years or human years?

18. If only

19. I know it has something to do with fingers

20. That’s pretty much how it works

21. Step one: ruffies

22. That would be the big one

23. Wow

24. 😦

25. Just a little bit longer…

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