27 Perks Of Being Single

Thought Catalog

1. Body maintenance regulations aren’t strict. Obviously we want to shower, deodorize and whatnot, but shaving  (or waxing) can be cut back on significantly.

2. You get all of the covers. You don’t wake up freezing cold while your partner is snuggly wrapped in the warm blanket, like an adorably inconsiderate mummy.

3. Money will be saved, especially on meals. It may appear lonely requesting a table for one, but onlookers don’t realize that you’re sitting with Mr. Washington (and hopefully a few of his friends).

4. A large chunk of memory space is freed up because you aren’t filling it with anniversary dates or your lover’s trivial details like favorite flavor of ice cream, or their middle name or whatever.

5. No arm numbness, body aches or pains from being in the most uncomfortable position of affection — spooning.

6. Never experiencing lengthy deliberations about what to eat for…

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