30 Things Gay Men Need To Realize Before They Turn 30

Thought Catalog

1. Get over being “masculine.”

I understand the importance of physical attraction. But the notion of effeminate vs. masculine is so silly. Start accepting people for who they are.

P.S. Two alpha males are never going to get along.

2. You have balls. Use them.

Go for what you want. There is no such thing as failure or rejection.

3. Let go of your “huge ego.”

Vulnerability is key. Once you set your ego aside and become vulnerable your life will change. Ego and confidence are not one in the same. We appreciate confidence, not an ego.

4. Curiosity did not kill the cat.

Ask questions. Be inquisitive.

5. Get involved.

Community engagement is so rewarding and powerful. Take an hour or two a month and volunteer, or help spread the word about a cause you relate to.

6. Embrace change.

Quit bitching and do something about it. Take the…

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