31 People On Their Biggest Sex Regrets

Thought Catalog

X Redditors Divulge Their Most Shameful Sexploits. Found on r/AskReddit.

1. snackburros

I only tell this story online, but I fucked some Harvard Square pit rat crustpunk train-hopping chick in the bathroom of Great Scott (I think?) in Allston, Mass. Boston Redditors will know how dirty this is. Also I caught chlamydia from it.

2. QueueHead

I had sex with a friend’s mother several times when I was very young. She was and still is married to my friends father. I’m not going to tell anyone about that.

3. genericblackmale

A watermelon that I microwaved when I was a teenager. It was a beautiful night.

4. philuhbuster

It was during my junior year at a Big Ten school. I was in the residence halls with a friend who was an RA, in the building with all the athletes. I met one of the first year football players. (We met…

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