45 Employers Reveal The Most Ludicrous Things They’ve Ever Read On A Resume

Thought Catalog

Having a hard time finding a job? Well rest assured, someone out there is having a harder time than you. From r/AskReddit.

1. pi_beer

“None of my references really like me, so please don’t believe what they say.”

2. wraith_majestic

“I am in the top 2% of programmers.” No explanation of how that is determined… I should have asked. 😦

3. mikebsnyder

“Grate communication and atention to details” on a resume I looked at maybe an hour ago.

4. Gnodgnod

Left a contact email that started with kinkykitty@.

5. lilbluehair

I was helping someone with their resume once who listed their email address as 420bluntbro@…

6. half-squat

“Windows 7 was my idea.”

7. wanderso24

Under “certifications” this guy put “bad ass”. He didn’t get the job.

8. angelica1883

“I bake great cakes and will share if you give me this job.” It was for a mortgage banking position.


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