5 Stages Of Dating In The Digital Age

Thought Catalog

The evolution of the Internet is great, isn’t it? It brings you closer to those you love, and lets you share special moments in your life with those you can’t physically be with. I agree for the most part, unless you’re talking dating. Then, it can truly suck.

Meeting new people, opening up to them, sorting through feelings, and figuring out if you’re compatible is hard. Often times, you send them packing after date number one; but there are some that squeeze through for a few more innings. And these, my friends, are the ones we have to be weary of. Because we start to share moments and memories with them that get documented – and that means we’re digitally connected, until otherwise removed.

Stage One:

For the first few months (if all goes well), its filtered photos, Likes, and cute comments on your blog posts. To the Internet, you’re…

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