50 Terrifyingly Traumatic Things That People Have Witnessed In Their Life

Thought Catalog

Seriously. If you’re already in a depressed state of mind, don’t read this. Some of these are not for the faint of heart. From AskReddit.

1. laksalover

One day when I was 13 and walking home from school, around the corner I saw smoke in the sky, and I thought – hey someone’s house is on fire (I couldn’t see what the smoke was from at this point yet because there was a building in the way). Then when I actually got past the corner, I saw a lot of people from my school who had gathered at the footpath and there was some obvious commotion.

When I finally got into a spot where I could see from the people, I saw this lady in her front yard on fire. I am talking about her whole body from head to toe engulfed in flames and she was just standing…

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