51 Hilariously Bad Translations Of Movie Titles That Are Better Than The Original

Thought Catalog

I’m a little obsessed with bad translations of movie titles (so much so I named my book after one of them). When American movies get sent abroad, foreign markets often have a difficult time with the cultural context, making the movie fit into their particular. consumer market. For instance, Israel tackled the problem of the title Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by replacing meatballs with something a little more locally popular and China had to change Pretty Woman, because the Chinese probably won’t know who Roy Orbison is.

What translators come up with instead is by turns mystifying and hilarious, often coming up with the most literal translation they possibly can (see: Step Up) or if you’re France, you just put the word sex in everything. Cruel Intentions becomes “Sexy Intentions” and The Banger Sisters is “Sex Fans of the Sixties.” But some, like Japan and Army…

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