7 Irritating Things People Need To Stop Doing Once And For All

Thought Catalog

1. Posting bare belly pictures during pregnancy

What knowledge of your pregnancy is gained from this poorly filtered photo of you lifting your shirt up, displaying your gushing muffin top and visible happy trail? I do not have x-ray vision, so I cannot see your baby. I’m sorry. 3 months, 6 months, “about to pop!”; I don’t want to see any of it. There is TLC for that shit. Get your unborn fetus off my news feed and take a trip to a maternity store to cover up that mountain of flesh ASAP.

2. Attempting to haggle the price on a menu

This is not a flea market. I did not make the price. I cannot invalidate the price of any object on the menu. It is not my fault, and I have no feeling of guilt over the prices on this menu. Why you ask? You, my friend, are…

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