9 Money-Saving Tips For Broke-Ass 20-Somethings

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I work in the arts. It’s a fucked-up industry that I love, mostly because I don’t appear to possess the skills to do anything else, but it does lead to a certain amount of financial irresponsibility. Mostly because I don’t make enough money to save anything, so I’m continually walking a terrible and dangerous tightrope, brought to you by the crumbling economy, my expensive liberal arts degree, and the good actually pretty horrible folks at Bank of America. Snakes? Bring ‘em. Zombie hordes? I’ve got a plan. Sitting down with my parents to have a rational discussion about my finances? That is truly the stuff of nightmares. I’m not gonna sleep for weeks having just thought about it now.

Below: a list of some actual stuff I have done in order to save a buck. Well, anywhere from ten cents upwards of seven dollars. I’m going straight to hell.


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