Hey, Millennial Boys and Girls, There’s A Reason You’re Getting Poorer and Poorer and Poorer…

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I’m not a Millennial. I’m a Gen X-er if only just barely. That means I’m better than almost everyone else on this site if the “get a job” propaganda coming from the boomers can be believed. But the truth is that I was lucky. I hit the job market just after 2001 and landed a Federal job (which I no longer inhabit, that’s right, it was a job so good I just gave it up) at a time when the Federal government was surging and jobs with the government were everywhere if you had a good education and gave good interview. I have a very niche humanities degree and post graduate degree and I simply cannot imagine trying to get a first career job today with that same degree.

I feel for you guys, I do. It’s not right that you got sold a bill of goods about college and…

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