I Straight Up Asked Dudes Why They Rejected Me: Here’s What They Said

Thought Catalog

One of my earliest exposures to romantic rejection was when I asked my neighbor Aaron to the prom. I was good friends with one of his friends and thought he was funny and kind of a babe. I had the tits of a teenager (cause I was a teenager) and was winning all sorts of Speech and Debate awards (cool kid alert) so I figured I had this thing on lock.

I got denied HARD.

In the 10 years since, I’ve been rejected A LOT. I felt compelled to find out why.

Standard operating procedure for a woman who gets rejected is to develop tomes of speculative fiction about what the guy wanted that she didn’t have. She is never ever under any circumstances to reach out again so as not to appear desperate or crazy.

I say, eff that noise. Let’s just ask! Dudes do it all the time…

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