The 10 Types Of Couples You’ll Meet After College

Thought Catalog

1. “Like A Rock”

Many an early to mid 20’s couple aspires to the timeless credo once preached by Chevrolet:

Both parties view “relationship life” incredibly different from their wild and single lives. They find the stability comforting–a stability that, to your friends’ chagrin, is probably built to last. Since when were either of you this boring?

2. The Transaction

There was an interesting article/rebuttal on TC yesterday about willingly marrying after falling out of love, solely to due financial and “appearance” considerations.

While the great-great-great grandparents of each author would be unquestionably baffled (marrying for love is a fairly new trend, y’all, and there’s not much statistical evidence to suggest that it’s here to stay), this sort of “arrangement” is incredibly common on a lesser scale.

We’ve all seen the couple that’s using each other for one reason or another; be it consistent sex, money, or simply sustained…

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