The 9 Types of People You’ll Find At Every College Campus

Thought Catalog

No matter how large or small your school may be, there are certain strains of human that manage to exist on virtually every campus in America. Below, the wonderful characters and what they (may fail to) bring to the table:

The Quasi-Celebrity

Either a somewhat well-known frat rapper or a rising YouTube star, the quasi-celebrity is constantly padded with the ego boost of being the person who those freshman girls on the other side of the room are excitedly whispering about. Those who know him/live with him realize that while he may be all that, he’s really just a relatively talented dude whose managed to figure out a way to be good at stuff that other people find enjoyable.

In 5 Years They’ll Be: A real celebrity, and a select number of friends/acquaintances who think they’re more intelligent than said person will be simultaneously amused, baffled, and slightly jealous.


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