12 Ways To Cultivate Eccentricity

Thought Catalog

Most people are boring and have no sense of style, which is why they end up leading average lives.  This is fine for those aspiring to hold positions in the fields of telemarketing, insurance sales and human resources, but if you do not wish to wilt with dullness, then you must cultivate an aesthetic sensibility and apply it to everything.

Anyone who has been truly memorable in history has stood out for their charming eccentricities.  In being unique, one becomes more appealing and inherently entertaining, opening up a world of diverse possibilities and experiences.

One’s eccentricities should come naturally, for anything artificially cultivated has the cheap stench of affectation, but in case you require some inspiration, herewith are some basic suggestions to begin curating your new identity.

1. If you were born with a lackluster name, legally change it to something that captures the imagination and represents your cultivated personality.

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