16 Things You Should Never Do At Your Local Bar

Thought Catalog

Recently I’ve become a bar addict. Not necessarily a bar-hopping addict, more like a lets-get-to-know-all-bartender-names-at-one-bar sort of addict.This has become problematic to say the least.

Here’s some tips to help you out with the local bar syndrome; not necessarily to keep you away, but to keep you happy and others happy to see you walk in:

1. Never have sex with the hot bartender

2. If you are into a bartender, flirt hardcore. Do not fuck him. Because one day he might magically say, wait, now that I got it, I don’t need to give her free drinks.

3. This especially is relevant if you actually form feelings for the guy on the other side pouring the shots. He’s hot, funny, great with people (obviously the three reasons why he was hired), so of course he’s a catch. A catch that you really don’t want to reel in…

4. Never…

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