25 Lessons I’ve Learned In 2013

Thought Catalog

1. Don’t move down the street from your significant other. Either move in with them or live across town, or wherever you were before. When you break up it will feel like a death sentence. Who is that at their house? Omg I just looked out my window and saw your car. Where are you going? Am I crazy? I’m not crazy!

2. Live with friends – but not childhood best friends. Hey, some people can make it work, but we obviously couldn’t. That leads me to my next point.

3. Friends grow apart. And its heart wrenching. You may not even know what happened. That’s the worst part. You both work opposite shifts, have different circles of friends, new interests that come with age/ college and before you know it, everything is different. I will always love you so much Cassie and only wish the happiest things for your…

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