41 Signs You’re Still Obsessed With Gilmore Girls

Thought Catalog

1. You can quote the entire show in your sleep — and probably do. You’ve been known to reference GG without even realizing that was a Gilmore Girls quote.

2. You know who Zoltan Kemeny and Xuxa are now, because you looked them up.

3. You have considered naming a child after one of the main characters.

4. You brag about loving Melissa McCarthy before it was cool.

5. You really wanted to go to Yale, because Rory went to Yale.

6. You know what “Copper boom!” and “Oy, with the poodles already!” mean.

7. You’ve taken an online personality quiz to find out which character you are, but often go back and forth depending on your mood. Sometimes you’re having a Lorelai day, but today you’re definitely feeling Lane. Watch out when you’re having a Paris day.

8. You know that coffee is best consumed in a vat or…

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