6 Ways To Deal With An Emotionally Unstable Friend

Thought Catalog

We all have them, heck, we might be one of them. Emotions run in all different shapes and sizes and as a friend we all feel somewhat obligated to soothe the temper tantrums, drunken rants, and denial.

We all most certainly try, and some say that is the best that can be done. But there are a couple things you should try before you walk away from a friends instability:

1. Understand That They Are Not You.

Do not expect them to look at you as a guru in life and follow your advise to mental freedom. They may not be as strong when it comes to what may seem simple things to you. The most important thing you can do for that person is listen to everything before trying to advise or suggest things. Sometimes all a person needs is someone to listen.

2. When You Do Get To A Place Where The Person…

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