I Do Not Want To Jack Guys Off

Thought Catalog

Is there anything more ludicrous than a woman giving a man a hand job? I honestly think that being asked to pee on a guy is a far more reasonable request than being asked to jack him off. To me, masturbating a guy is akin to marching into the kitchen at a restaurant and demanding to cook your own eggs; it just doesn’t make any sense.

Why, in any right state of mind, would I want to put myself into direct competition with a master? With the one person who has been jacking that same dick every day (or however often guys masturbate, which I’m led to believe by television and frat bros is regularly and often) for the past 20 odd years? How could my wristy ever compare to the ultimate wristy, the one that has come from years of practice and intimate familiarity? There’s no happy ending here…

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I'm not as clever as I think I am.
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