21 Pieces Of Life Advice From People Over 60

Thought Catalog

The inquisitive souls over at Reddit are always looking for some good advice from any source they can, and this week they decided to ask all of the Redditors in the over-60 crowd if they had any pertinent words of wisdom to pass down. The response was enormous, and some of their thoughts are the kinds of things that we need to print out and tape up to our bathroom mirror right away.

1. davelog

Stuff is just stuff. Hoard time instead.

2. mama146

Choose your mate with your brains as well as your hormones. Be picky.
If you’re getting overwhelmed just return to the immediate present moment and savor all that is beautiful and comforting.
Your Life is not as serious as you think it is.

3. electronicat

Knees are important. cherish them

4. aabbccatx

I asked my grandpa something like this as he was dying. So me, no…

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