24 People On What It’s Like Living With HIV

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Redditors answered what it’s like living with HIV in our current day. Found on r/AskReddit.

1. NurseChelsea

My mom wanted me to tell her story. She was a Phlebotomist for 30 years, she worked the night shift for a hospital that had contracts with nursing facilities. She had a route and every night would go to the facilities to draw their patients labs. She also would be on call for STAT lab draws. Eight years ago she was called to a STAT draw at a nursing home. Something happened with the vacutainer which is the plastic piece the tubes go into. Blood started squirting out of the patient and into my moms mouth and eyes. After she cleaned herself up and was walking out of the facility the nurse started running after her. That’s when she was told the patient had HIV and Hep C. When she got back…

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