25 Signs You’re Addicted To Ben And Jerry’s

Thought Catalog

1. You pride yourself on trying every single flavor and forever wait for them to come out with new ones, just so you can feel the joy of the first bite.

2. You have concocted your own flavor and are convinced it would be their biggest flavor yet — or at least better than Phish Food. Your dream is to have your face on the side of the carton, the greatest honor ever known.

3. You firmly believe that Ben and Jerry know exactly what you’re feeling at any time — perfectly attuned to your needs. The existence of Half Baked proves this conclusively.

4. You have different flavors for different moods — like New York Superfudge Chunk for when you’re having a hard day or Karamel Sutra when you’re feeling frisky. But when you’re sad (or going through a breakup), every flavor is the right flavor.

5. You know…

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