33 Text Messages You Should Not Send As A First-Date Follow-Up

Thought Catalog

1. Thanks so much for the kisses! Your lips are like chicken noodle soup for the lonely male’s soul.

2. I’m too excited to sleep tonight so instead I’m going to write you a poem about DAT ASS.

3. I’m making you a mix tape. What’s your favorite boy band? Mine is O-Town and if they’re not in your Top 5 we may as well just call it quits now!

4. Wish you were here to help me fold my laundry and then make me a Panini.

5. I know I’m supposed to wait a certain amount of time to text you or whatever but I’m doing it now anyway, five minutes after you got into the cab. It’s not because I love you. But I’m also not saying that I don’t love you. Teehee.

6. Since you came into my life, I miss you so bad. I miss you…

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