4 Rules To Dressing Better As A Man

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Fuck #menswear on tumblr. It was fun at first; getting a glimpse into the various styles people rock across the world; now it’s just gone too far. We have boys and young men trying to emulate these ‘street style’ heroes. Every time GQ presents one of their stupid Style 101 pieces; they’re destroying any hope that young men will learn how to dress themselves. Remember: the point of the menswear movement is to empower ourselves by learning about clothing, discovering our personal style, and sharing it confidently with the world. Yet all we’ve done is go from listening to advertising agencies to tumblr style icons on how to dress ourselves. Here are 4 rules to start dressing yourself better as man.

1. Don’t look like a Mannequin

Who wouldn’t want to look like the guy in the ad for Barbour’s new fall collection? Seriously. Look at this collection, it’s amazing…

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