40 Signs You’ve Been Spending Way Too Much Money

Thought Catalog

1. When it’s all said and done, you have like $5 to spend in the first place.

2. When people recommend cool, trendy restaurants for you to go to, your pleasant nod impressively masks what you’re really feeling–that life is just a cruel, sick joke.

3. You hype up staying in out of necessity.

4. You didn’t start from the bottom. But your “here” suddenly doesn’t seem too far away from the bottom.

5. You’re starting to say things like “I’ve been destroying the leftover game,” and “If it wasn’t Trader Joes, I don’t know what I would do.”

6. You’ve become one of those people who gets really infatuated with the security deposit.

7. Keeping track of your expenses isn’t so much exhausting; it’s just depressing.

8. You keep your long-since expired student ID at the forefront of your wallet. Need those rates. Need to be a deceiving douchebag who…

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