5 Lessons On Being The Only 30-Something In A Group of 20-Somethings

Thought Catalog

This summer, it happened. I turned thirty. Admittedly, I’m a late bloomer, and because of acting like I was in my thirties during much of my twenties, I am back in college. My friend group is much younger then me, so I am the first to turn thirty. The oldest. Granted, I’m only a few months into this whole thirties thing, but it’s taught me some lessons.

1. Sometimes it’s okay to have all night ragers.

I work hard. Real hard. I’m raising an awesome kid. I’m a full time student, and the Student Body President of my university, doing a double degree in unrelated fields. I bust my ass so that maybe, just maybe, I can defy the odds and actually get a job that will someday allow me to pay off my education. And sometimes, that sucks.

What my friends in their twenties do when something sucks for…

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