5 Types Of People You Need To Get Out Of Your System

Thought Catalog

1. You need to sleep with someone who fundamentally doesn’t “get” who you are. They look at you, trying to figure you out and reduce you to something that’s easily digestible, but they always fall short. You crack jokes they don’t understand until minutes later. “Hey,” they say quizzically, like they’re about to comprehend you. “You’re, like, really funny. And… weird.” Then they laugh at you in this weird condescending way and then you sleep with them and get a stomachache after. Ultimately, this dude is bad news but sleeping with him is helpful because it allows you to understand that just because someone gives you attention doesn’t mean you should give them yours. Also, sleeping with someone will not necessarily help people understand each other better. Often it’s the opposite.

2. Your “cool friend” who you will always feel lesser than. You feel special just being in their…

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