7 Things I Wish I Could Say To My Exes

Thought Catalog

I have slept with 24 people in the 11 years since I lost my virginity. Of these 24, 2 were during high school, 7 were during college, and 15 were in the 5 years since I’ve graduated. Of the 15 I’ve slept with after college, 9 were during the two years I was on and off unemployment, which might serve as a prime example of that whole ‘idle hands’ things. Of the 24 I’ve slept with, I cheated on one, one was married, and 4 I still seriously think could be gay. I am friends with 12 of them on Facebook. 8 I lost track of. Four are now married, and one has kids. One I can’t remember the name of, two I can only remember the first name. Of these 24, about 12 were either one-night stands or brief hook-ups.

Of these 24, there are 7 with which I…

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