9 Ways To Make People Like You

Thought Catalog

This headline implies that I am nauseatingly conceited, but this is really just advice people have told me over the years that I witness to be true in others. I suspect that were I to follow it, I too would be the star of every show. Common sense? Sure. Still, it never hurts to have a reminder.

1. Own your imperfections

This is the era of a-dork-able. People liked Jennifer Lawrence for being real-girl rad in Silver Linings Playbook, but they LOVED her when she tripped at the Oscars. Of course, she played it off swimmingly, but the bottom line is that we’re all loserish 8th graders inside and its reassuring when others are openly the same. Really, in what other decade could such people as Seth Rogan be cast as romantic leads? Seth Rogan is more or less an It Guy…if ever there was a time for the lame…

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